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Senior Vice President, The Inspection Group
Author/Editor, UPCS/REAC Simplified
Author UPCS/REAC Protocol Reference Website:  reacguru.com/upcs
Full time resident and author of unofficial website for Tarpon Landings
Founding member NextDoor neighborhood group, Tarpon Point

I became involved in REAC inspections in 1998, and I have been constantly involved, on a full time professional basis since 2003, as a consultant to multi-family property owners and managers on the topic of UPCS/REAC inspections.   

This a physical inspection protocol developed by HUD to evaluate the condition of properties in which HUD has some interest or responsibility to you and I, as tax payers, to assure that these properties are properly maintained and managed.

I'm an SME (Subject Matter Expert) specializing in the interpretation of the inspection protocol as it applies to real situations and particularly, in the working of the scoring system.  I believe that I can modestly claim to be among the top 3 or 4 experts on this topic in the nation.

I practice in four related areas:

1 - Providing property owners and managers with internal inspections that identify all physical deficiencies within the UPCS standard and attaching an accurate scoring value to each deficiency for the purpose of prioritizing corrective action.

2 - Providing expert monitoring of property inspections conducted by representatives of HUD to verify that such inspections are conducted fairly and objectively, and to document variances from protocol that present a disadvantageous result.

3 - Preparing appeals to challenge and correct inaccurate or unfair inspection results to maximize the final score.  This is a sort of paralegal specialty work, that sometimes requires me to work with a property owner's legal counsel.  More often, my advice and preparation of appeals makes legal counsel unnecessary in simpler cases.

4 - Training others in the UPCS protocol, the REAC scoring system, sound inspection methods, prioritization of remedial actions, appeals, and other aspects of achieving satisfactory results on REAC inspections.

As a trainer, I have authored a number of training manuals on this topic over the last decade.

When working, I am either at my computer or traveling to inspections, training events, or other speaking engagements for national and regional housing industry associations or companies.

I have worked with literally many hundreds of properties and have presented hundreds of live classes, seminars, and/or speaking engagements across at least 46 of the lower 48 states... I'm not sure if I ever worked in Montana or North Dakota, although it is entirely possible I just don't remember.  On any given day, if you ask me where I just came from, I really have to think about it for a moment or two - it all runs together. 

In the 52 weeks of 2014, I flew 67 round trips.  Many of these were same-day trips so that I might have flown from Baltimore to Chicago in the morning, inspected a property, and then flew home in the afternoon. 

Since moving to Cape Coral, FL in July 2015, I have cut back significantly on travel, delegating much of the travel work to my younger associates.  I feel fortunate to have a group of associates who are equally dedicated to helping our clients make sense of this often confusing topics of REAC inspections.

I participate in:
Bicycles - old or new, two wheels or three, riding them and fixing them up...
Wildlife photography
Digital imaging (Photoshop)
Audio/Video Production
Website creation and management